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There are plenty of books that make you cry and that you canreally sink your teeth into, but you surely want some of the best.Here are 20 books that will have you crying (and sometimeslaughing) in no time。


  1. The Kite Runner 《追风筝的人》

  This realistic and moving portrayal of life in Afghanistanaccounts for the people who were badly affected by the Taliban.You’ll cry as you get to know the familial relationships andcruelty involved, but you’ll also get a sense of hope as youquickly read through this gripping novel。


  2. To Kill a Mockingbird 《杀死一只知更鸟》

  In case you didn’t have the privilege of reading this in highschool (I sadly didn’t), To Kill a Mockingbird is an essential,heart-wrenching classic. Told through the eyes of young children in1930s Alabama, a black man is accused of raping a white woman, andthe underlying prejudices of the time makes his sentence all butcertain。


  3. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas《穿条纹睡衣的男孩》

  This book takes you through waves of emotion as you start tounderstand the full context of the main character, the 9-year-oldson of the Auschwitz commandant. Taking place during the Holocaust,we witness the horror from his perspective, a boy who just wantsfriends. You’ll be shocked by some of the more startling aspects ofthe book as the boy, Bruno, befriends one of the Jewish boys on theother side of the fence。


  4. The Perks of Being a Wallflower 《壁花少年》

  This coming-of-age tale holds almost nothing back as it startsoff with a suicide and goes from there. Centered around thesensitivity of a brilliant, but troubled, teen named Charlie, ThePerks of Being a Wallflower is an honest and adult-themed storythat will likely resonate with your own experiences。


  5. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl《安妮?弗兰克:年轻女孩的日记》

  You probably know the true story; a girl writes a deep andintrospective diary while hiding in an absurdly small crawlspacefor two years with other Jewish fugitives during the Holocaust. Thesad foreboding throughout the story is palpable, especially as youprogressively become attached to each of these people who were realhuman beings going through the ordeal。


  6. The Book Thief 《偷书贼》

  Let’s put it this way: Death itself is the narrator. The storyis about a young girl named Liesel who has to live with fosterparents during the height of World War II. On the way to her newhome, her brother dies, setting the somber tone for the story.There is hope, however, when Liesel discovers her love for readingand forges a relationship with a young Jewish man she helps hidefrom the Nazis。


  7. The Fault in Our Stars 《星运里的错》

  This is probably the most likely book on the list to make youcry, as it chronicles the experiences of teens who are dying fromcancer and living their last days in love. Their lifestyle istragic and jarring at the same time, as we watch them deteriorate.The real tragedy is the love story between the main characters, whoknow that their romance is doomed。


  8. A Child Called “It” 《一个名叫“它”的孩子》

  Easily one of the saddest stories of abuse in recent decades,A Child Called It is based on the true story of Dave Pelzer, a boyfrom California who suffered at the hands of his sadistic family.The tears will come from both sadness and the inspiration tied toDave’s fight for survival in an environment where he is deemedworthless。


  9. Clean 《清理》

  The premise of Clean is pretty straightforward. Five kids whoare addicted to drugs have to find a way to repair their liveswithin a rehabilitation center. The problem is that they prettymuch hate each other and their situation, but they have to riseabove it in order to get their lives back。


  10. The Giving Tree 《爱心树》

  Technically, The Giving Tree is a poem, not a novel. But thepoignant message underneath it will prompt you to revisiting thebeautiful words and illustrations again and again. It provokessadness from us; not only because of the story itself but alsobecause of the real implications that come with the humancondition. People will be arguing over the “true” meaning behindthis classic for years to come。


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